Class: Behavior

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Class Overview

SiteFusion Node Behavior

Base class for Behaviors. Subclasses can define methods, which will become part of any Node object upon calling $node->addBehavior($behavior);



Class Variables

$enabled =  true

Enabled, disabled flag.

var:  true it is enabled, false it is disabled
access:  protected
Type:   enabled

Class Methods

method disable() [line 2083]

void disable( )

Disable Behavior

access:  public

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method enable() [line 2076]

void enable( )

Enable Behavior

access:  public

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method getEnabled() [line 2092]

boolean getEnabled( )

Returns enabled state

return:  true, enabled | false, disabled.
access:  public

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method getOwner() [line 2058]

object getOwner( )

Get owner Node object.

access:  public

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method init() [line 2049]

void init( )

This method is fired when the behavior class is attached.

Override this method to install custom initialization.

access:  public

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method setOwner() [line 2069]

void setOwner( object $owner)

Sets owner Node object.

[INTERNAL] Node will call this method in the Node::addBehavior() method

access:  public


object   $owner  

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